Cloud Services
Cloud services

We can assist you with the creation of your AWS landing zone and for migrating environments to the AWS stack.

  • Be able to setup AWS infrastructure from scratch (VPC, RDS, EC2, ELB) e.g Given a requirement and use a blank state AWS account.
  • Be able to setup configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef etc. and use it to deploy changes to hosts.
  • Be able to create Infrastructure as Code (e.g automation of VPC creation, setup of Jenkins master and slaves), so we can repeat Infrastructure setup between Development and Production.
  • Be able to setup monitoring and alarms for the AWS infrastructure.
  • Proficiency in scripting to be able to write tools to automate tasks e.g. using python script to automate processes with Lambda.
Cloud monitoring

Would you like to reduce your costs by optimizing your use of cloud services? Would you like to know that your service offerings are available, secure and performing to their specifications? We have the tools, expertise and experience to help you achieve these goals.

Our certified consultants can help you create your architecture, and setup a monitoring dashboard customized to your unique challenges.

See performance metrics from AWS services like EC2, ECS, and RDS in context with metrics, traces, and logs from any service in your environment using, or better using Datadog!

iNSiTU - cloud monitoring
iNSiTU - migration
Stack migration

95% of companies claim to use cloud computing to some degree. You are probably considering migrating all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud. A successful migration to the cloud requires a carefully planned approach.

We can guide you with the necessary steps to ensure that your migration towards the cloud is successful. We understand that every business is different, and that your business will have specific challenges to meet. Are you planning on migrating existing application or infrastructure to AWS? Our team of experts can guide you in planning, executing and managing you migration.

Case Studies

Here are a few of the ways that we were able to assist our customers with their projects.

iNSiTU - case studies